Friday, January 31, 2014

SnOMG & Happenings

Hello! I went a little MIA. Crazy, busy days led to no blogging. What’s been going on? For one, we got snow…well, a lot of ice. For Charleston, this is a very rare occurrence. Schools, bridges, and roads have been closed. The ice caused a good amount of damage, and I’m hoping we don’t lose the majority of our plants and trees:





Thankfully, its warming up! Its going to be 70 this weekend- whoop whoop!

In other news, Frank turned 8! Kaylin made sure he got a birthday balloon:


He also got a new toy and a steak (a birthday tradition):


and he got extra sleep on his birthday (one of his favorite activities):



What are you up to this weekend? My weekend is off to a great start. Josh got me a 26.2 magnet for my car, this makes it official:


I did a quick, easy run this morning and took Body Flow. I’m trying to stretch more often:


and Kay had a play date with her friend Ryan:


after Kay’s nap, I’m hoping to take her to the park. We’ll probably have a low key in tonight. I have a few cool things planned for this weekend, will be back with a post on them soon!

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