Saturday, January 18, 2014


Today, I ran my first full marathon! I’m so proud and so exhausted! My Mom also ran her third 5K (Go Mama Go)!

Last night, we headed downtown to pickup our packets. I made an easy peasy dinner of fruit



Pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches:


and salad. It was a great pre-race dinner. We all headed to bed. Around 1030 PM, we were hit with the oddest storm that included lightening and the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard. Kaylin could NOT sleep. Josh was a trooper and laid with her for a long while, so I could get some form of sleep. And then it was time…



It was FREEZING (for Charleston), so I hung out in the bathroom until go time.  The last miles were killer. I thought I was going to quit at one point. Until I saw the Mile 25 sign:




The volunteers were amazing. I couldn’t have done it without them.  Final time: 4 hours 22 minutes 45 seconds.


A little rough looking post race… And now! I’m making and eating cookies :). Tonight, we’re headed out to dinner with Josh’s family. What are you up to?

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