Monday, August 2, 2010

Vegan Banana Cake & Shrimp & Grits

Hope you all enjoyed the rest of your weekend. After crashing early Saturday night, I got up early to start into some work work and to get some baking done. I baked up a vegan banana cake using my vegan banana muffin recipe as a base, and made some adjustments to make it more cake like.

Vegan Banana Cake


  • 1 tablespoon flax & 3 tablespoons water (or 1 egg)
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 3 bananas
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • chocolate or carob chips

brunchy 001


Mash bananas with the back of a fork and then combine with all other wet ingredients. In a separate bowl, mix together all dry ingredients. Fold wet ingredients into dry ingredients until just combined (do not over mix). Add in chocolate chips. Place in sprayed 8” pie pan and bake at 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes (until a toothpick comes out clean).

brunchy 012 brunchy 011  

My parents also came down to take Josh and I out to brunch for our anniversary which is Wednesday (3 years!). We went to Crave. Their Sunday brunch is $11 and includes your choice of juice, coffee (which I got):

brunchy 004

tea or soda, an entree, fruit & corn bread muffins.

brunchy 005

I got a 3 egg omelet with onion, spinach & tomato plus extra fruit (instead of home fries). The omelet was fabulous and not greasy at all. The fruit was super fresh. Their coffee was just OK.

 brunchy 007

Josh went with Crave’s Big Breakfast (2 large eggs scrambled, a ginormous pancake, home fries, fruit & bacon):

brunchy 006 

My Mom got the Fried Green Tomatoes topped with ham and eggs:

brunchy 008 

My Dad got the Black and bleu chicken (which I didn’t grab a picture of).

Overall, we all really enjoyed our food! It all was cooked perfectly and was filling without being too heavy or greasy. The kitchen did seem very slow, our waitress had to apologize quite a few times.  I would go back….but I would rather go to Charleston’s Cafe :)

Crave Kitchen & Cocktails on Urbanspoon

It was wonderful to spend some time with my parents and catch up. It seems almost funny to celebrate a 3rd wedding anniversary with my parents who have been married for 36 years and have been together for 44 years(my parents have known each other forever- my Dad was in my Mom’s Dad’s boy scout troop). My Dad took an anniversary picture of Josh and I. I am on my tip toes (as always) and Josh is holding himself up with his crutches…haha:

brunchy 009

The rest of my Sunday was spent on errands and work. Josh’s friend Jeremy came over for the usual Sunday night Entourage meet up. After seeing Amelia make shrimp and grits, I knew I wanted to try my hand at it. I made  it for the boys and I enjoyed vegetables and grits. I used this Bobby Flay recipe, but subbed prosciutto in for the bacon and added lots of old bay and hot sauce to the shrimp.   The vegetables (yellow summer squash and zucchini) were roasted in the oven with a little olive oil and spices and were added into the dish. The result:

brunchy 015

The boys were raving! For dessert, I heated up some banana cake with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Thank you all who entered my tofu xpress giveaway. The winner is….Stephanie from Cooking Fanatic!!!! Send me an email with your address (itzyskitchen at gmail dot com) and I will have your prize out to you ;)

Its another crazy week! Josh’s parents and brother are coming to visit on Thursday and I cannot wait! What are you looking forward to?


Lindsay @ said...

The shrimp and grits looks perfect! I need to "remind" P we've never been to crave for brunch. Maybe we'll try it next weekend. I'm looking forward to hopefully getting some good news on Wednesday from the doc. :)

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

I have never had grits! Is that crazy? I have always wanted to try though!

Heather said...

I've never had grits! Maybe b/c it's a southern thing?
You and Josh look so cute in that picture - congrats on 3 years! You should share some wedding pics this week........ :)

Amanda- The Nutritionist Reviews said...

That shrimp and grits looks awesome! Is it bad that I am craving that now at 8:30 AM? haha

Jessie (Bites and Pieces) said...

Mmm, I love grits! Even before I went veg I never tried them with shrimp, but I can imagine it must be pretty good. I like mine with hot sauce and nutritional yeast.
You and Josh make the cutest couple ever! Happy Anniversary. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Congrats to Josh and you! Wow, baby....look at those legs!..oh I meant Josh's....jk!....he he!

Scrumptious eats as usual...mmmm!

Josh looks like he is doing better...awesome! So cute together you are!

Many more!


homecookedem said...

When Andrew made shrimp and grits awhile back, he based it off of that same Bobby Flay recipe. Soooooooooo amazing!!

Happy Anniversary!! :)

Julie said...

haha you and josh are totes the homecoming king and queen of this blog land. hands down. gorgeousest couple ever :) congrats on 3 years girl! just wait till you're saying "josh and i went out for our 30th anniversary" hahaha how cute and hopefully the charleston cafe will be feeding you for free by then

i think i like the charleston cafe better too. parfaits are just so much more photogenic then eggs don't you think?

glad you had a fun weekend girl! let the games begin with josh's rentals!! have fun!!!

Ana said...

Happy 3 year anniversary!!! You both look adorable in that pic :)

The banana bread and shrimp&grits look awesome!! This week I actually finish the Insanity program, YAY!

Anonymous said...

The shrimp and grits look amazing! I'm looking forward to getting the house more organized.

Jessica said...

The shrimp and grits look soooo good!

I have heard though that until you have them at Poogan's Pourch you have not REALLY had shrimp and grits. I keep thinking about making them but I want to try them at Poogan's first. Have you had them there?

I always stand on my tippy's when I am getting a picture taken with Jeff. He is 6'5" and I am 5'3"!

Paige (Running Around Normal) said...

The cake and the grits look great!!
So thoughtful of your parents to take you guys our for breakfast - the omelet sounds fantastic!

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Looove the sounds of that cake--we have similar sweet tooths I think! Oo and congrats on the anniversary, that's SO special and you both are so cute.

Gaby @ What's Gaby Cooking said...

I love shrimp and grits!! Omg by far one of my fav comfort foods!

Maria said...

Yea for 3 years! You guys are so cute! Glad you had a fun time with your parents!

Angharad said...

Woah - shrimp and grits?! That looks out of this world! Happy anniversary for this week :)

I'm looking forward to some yoga, happy hour tonight and the theater tomorrow - yay!

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

I'm always on my tip toes in photos. I like to stand in the back so no one can see I'm cheating :)

Bread transformed to cake is the best! Healthier yet still tasty.

lynn said...

vegan banana cake and shrimp grits - you had me at the title of this post!

Corey said...

That banana cake looks amazing!! I love making dessert-like things that are healthy enough to be a part of breakfast.
Congratulations on 3 years :) how exciting, and very cute picture!

Yelena said...

Your banana creation looks and sounds absolutely fabulous. I have not baked a single item all summer.

Happy Anniversary- I love that you pose on your tip toes. I always turn my foot out and put my hands on my's like I'm stuck that way when I see a camera!

stephanie @cookinfanatic said...

Yay awesome!!!! Thanks girl, I'll send you my info :)

Happy Anniversary to you two as well, so exciting!

Shrimp & grits is one of my all time favorite meals, although I've never tried making it at home. Your version looks amazing though, yum :)

Christina said...

i'm glad your meal at crave was good bc i've never enjoyed that place...and EVERYONE else does. love your shirt!!!

Lauren said...

You always have the best weekend outtings with your family. Love that!

I've never had grits. Definitely a Southern thing right? When I am visiting the south, I am going to be sure to order grits when we go out.

Have a great Monday sweetheart!

Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete said...

I love shrimp and grits! They are great in the south. Too bad cheese has not been very kind to me, and I only eat meat if I can't find anything else gluten free! It looks great though! ;)

Kim @ Kim and Mikey said...

The shrimp and grits look amazing. I may have to try your receipe soon.

I am looking foward to several things this week: 1. the birthday dinner that I am cooking for my Mama tomorrow night, 2. my birthday on Wednesday (taking the day off) and 3. my 10 year high school class reunion.

TheHealthyApron said...

another recipe keeper!! Thanks ERica!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing! Never had grits though!

BroccoliHut said...

That banana cake sounds amazing! I bet it would be awesome with peanut butter icing:)

Alisa said...

Haha, I stand on my tiptoes in pictures sometimes too!

Poor guy, hope he heals up quickly!

The Blonde Duck said...

Happy anniversary! I've been loving cheddar and red and green roasted pepper omelets (at home) lately!

Sarah said...

Happy early anniversary!!

And the banana cake look SOOO good! I've been craving banana bread, it's like you knew! I wish we were neighbors so I could come by and steal a slice. :-) It's like the chocolate chip banana bread that my mom makes. Hers is healthy but yours is even more so.

Your shrimp and grits look yummy too, but alas it won't fly in my house- Ray is allergic to shrimp. :-( So I never make them for dinner at home, I either order them in a restaurant or make a few at lunchtime for a salad.

Anonymous said...

I loved your dishes! Oh these omelets look so good. Yum

lee said...

Happy almost anniversary! I don't think I've ever had shrimp and grits. Actually, I've only tried grits once. I liked them though.

Naomi(Onefitfoodie) said...

aww that pic of you and josh is so cute! how is his ankle doing??! hopefully speedy healing, right!?

that omelet looks so good! i hate when you order an omelet and it is greased filled! blahh!! so delicious that it was fluffy and veggie filled!

I want that banana bread NOW! :)

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

awww you and josh look too cute!

happy anniversary btw!!!

the vegan nana cake, you could totally make that GF too by grinding oats in place of the wheat for flour and you're set! in fact, i may need to try that :)

have a stellar week girl and you have done awesome playing nursemaid :)

health products said...

That's a big serving for breakfast but that's not a problem because what you have in plate are all healthy and it's a complete power packed food.

Your husband is so lucky to have a wife who can cook good food.

Kelsey Ann said...

he definitely doesnt mind being taken care of :) hehe. mmm that vegan banana cake will surely make everything better! <3

Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

Happy 3 years and here's to many more! We just celebrated our 2nd with dinner at the restaurant we got married at.

Katie said...

I LOVE shrimp and grits, but usually never eat them because they're made with meat stock. That bread looks delicious, too... perfect for brunch. Looks like you had a great weekend

jenna said...

shrimp and grits is one of my favorites! this looks amazing!

I hope you have a great week even if it is a bit hectic! :)

Dawn (HealthySDLiving) said...

Aww the picture of you guys is so cute! SO much shorter than's adorable!

Rachael said...

I love coming across Southern specialties on blogs - grits and shrimp are such a staple in the Carolinas! My boyfriend (Georgia bred) has expressed a need to enact a must-have-grits 3x a week rule...I'm happy to oblige!

RunToTheFinish said...

ohh i am totally going to make that banana bread, it's super easy and i know i'll love it

teresa said...

hey erica! i hope you've had a great summer! the shrimp and grits look SO good, i really want to try that!

GF Gidget said...

YUM! I want to make both of these recipes!

Unknown said...

ah, you got married on my birthday! happy anniversary you two :) lovely cake and celebration with the rents!

Krista said...

FABULOUS banana cake recipe! Wish I had some naner's so I could make it. HAHA!

Poor Josh with is cast. He must be going stir crazy!!!

Stacey said...

Banana cake looks awesome.