Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick & Easy Schwan’s Pasta and Veggies

How has your week been so far? Mine has been very nice. Aside from the usual work & working out, I have been able to spend some time with Josh & Frank, fabulous friends (Happy Birthday Mandi!):


and even fit in a little baking! Vegan pumpkin chip mini muffins:


As always, my nights have been a little more on the busy side. In order to make sure we still have tasty and healthy dinners, I’ve been doing my usual prep ahead of time. Two products from Schwan’s (disclaimer: I received these products for free) have made this even simpler! First off, Schwan’s sent me individually packaged chicken breast filets:


These filets are the perfect size and have made preparing Josh’s dinners a snap:


I also tried their fabulous Mini Bow Tie Pasta and Vegetable blend mix:


Pasta & veggies with no other strange additives in one bag? Winner! This product can be the perfect side dish or main dish (with a few simple add ins).  So far, I have made a Mexican-ish vegetarian main dish using the pasta/vegetable blend. I simply cooked the mixture up according to the package directions (which took less than 8 minutes total). Next, I added in drained and rinsed black beans, additional corn (cut right off the cob) and salsa.


Later, I topped the dish with cheese. Other topping ideas: sour cream, cheese, Greek yogurt, jalapenos.

Other fun ideas for the mixture:

  • Mixed with marinara and mozzarella cheese cubes
  • Baked in the oven with mini meatballs and marinara
  • Cooked, then chilled, topped with a little olive oil, lemon juice, parmesan cheese and served cold as a pasta salad.
  • Mixed in and baked into a frittata

I can’t wait to try all of the above! This Schwan’s product and many others are perfect for easy dinners (especially given its back-to-school time!).  Like I said, the above took me literally about 10 minutes to prepare and I think most of their products can go from freezer to table in 30 minutes or less. Thank you Schwan’s!

And since its workout Wednesday, my plan for the week:

  • Monday:  Ran to warm up, taught Body Pump
  • Tuesday:  Taught Body Attack
  • Wednesday:  Morning run outside!!
  • Thursday:  Teach 45 minute Body Step, 45 minute Body Pump
  • Friday:  Off
  • Saturday:  Les Mills quarterly (aka almost a full day of taking Les Mills classes- can’t wait!)
  • Sunday:  Off

What is your workout plan this week?

Another big Happy Birthday out to Josh’s brother Justin!!


Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Oooh yay you are going to the quarterly! Have so much fun! :)

Heather said...

We always buy the Schwan's veggies and bow tie pasta - it's Jay and C's favorite for dinner!!

I"m teaching Power tomorrow and Saturday, and our first Team Challenge training run is Sunday morning. I'm excited!

We Are Not Martha said...

I love easy, but healthy dinners like that! The muffins look so good- I'm SO excited for pumpkin season!!!


Julie said...

so many birthdays in your life! happy birthday mandi and justin! :) i think they would love some of your

hahahahaha i hope i just didn't get you to make them birthday nola.

i emailed you with the best link of all time this morning. it's better then anything i could ever post on here so i'll stop now

Unknown said...

pumpkin season awwaits us-- score!

Lindsay @ said...

Happy Birthday Mandi and Josh's brother Justin! Those chicken breasts are super convenient. I haven't figured out my workout sched yet. I think I'll be 100% tomorrow and can dive back in. See ya this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out those Schwan's products-they look great!

Anonymous said...

looks delicious!

pumpkin season yaaay!

i can't wait til the starbucks cups turn fall!

Maria said...

I love the muffins. I am ready for fall baking:)

This week is Body Pump, running, and Body Step! I can't get enough:)

Mandy A said...

Lots of "sames" here today :)

I have the same dress you're wearing in your first picture!

I'm making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins this weekend... not vegan, though!

Monday: Did a yoga/stretch workout and core work
Tuesday - Turbo Fire workout- Fire 45 - awesome sweat!
Wednesday - Heavy weights, HIIT workout
Thursday- Rest
Friday - Heavy weights, HIIT workout
Saturday - Zumba and stretch! :)

Holly said...

Yuuummm! Those veggies look delicious! I especially love the idea of using them in a frittata. It's so nice to have frozen veggie mixes on hand like that, especially for weekday dinners!

teresa said...

great products from schwans's! it looks like you are having a wonderful week. we're enjoying the last few lazy summer days until school starts back up!

Amber@momsgottheruns said...

Hey girl! Just wanted to say hey to another Charleston blogger!

Veggies, Cake & Cocktails said...

I really enjoy the pasta and veggies from Schwan's. I haven't had it for awhile but I remember it being good. I'm going to have to look them up on the internet and see if they are in my area!

homecookedem said...

I love seeing all of this pumpkin popping back up in the blogging world!! I'm so ready for fall!! :) Those muffins look great!!

Amelia said...

How cute are those mini muffins! Look yummy too. :)

As far as workouts, just lots of running for marathon training!

HEAB said...

I want one of the pumpkin chip mini muffins - sounds like a perfect recipe for fall, and it feels like fall here tonight in Michigan...I love it!

We used to get meals from Schwan's growing up, and yes, I remember my mom loving the easy prep work.

My workout this week - lots of dog walking, some hiking, and 3 sessions from the personal trainer. It's keeping me busy, but I love spending so much time outside. :)

fittingbackin said...

Glad you're having such a good week! My workout plan is a little tight since we're leaving again this weekend. 8 miles + biceps + triceps + shoulders on Tuesday, 4 miles + abs + back today, 6 miles + chest + legs tomorrow and then 4 miles on Saturday (I hope!). :) Cute pic of you and the b-day girl!!

Sarah said...

Beautiful mini muffins! I'm so excited that pumpkin is starting to come back. LOL I always type pumpking first, but it sort of fits. Love my king of pum! :-)

Stacey said...

I want those muffins, they look so good and the combo is perfect.

Lauren said...

Your friend is so cute and I'm sure it was so nice to spend some time with her.
That is so cool that you are going to quarterly. I'm still contemplating the fall workshop here. I'm taking Attack and Flow this weekend for the first time hoping I will get a good sense for all of the LEs Mils classes.

Love your dinner inspirations.

BroccoliHut said...

Love that mini bow tie pasta! I bet it's versatile for so many add-ins:)

Naomi(Onefitfoodie) said...

omg I cannot wait to hear how the quarterly is!! that must be so fun to take all les mills classes all day long! i would love it!

stephanie @cookinfanatic said...

so ready for pumpkin season!!! that schwan's veggie pasta mix sounds really good & good for you... i didn't realize that schwan's was still around!?

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

the schwan's man is memory from childhood!!!!!!! OMG my mother never bought it b/c it was too $$ but lots of other mom's did and just having schwan's ice cream at another kid's house was like the end-all, be-all :)

Angharad said...

That quarterly sounds super intense! But a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure two classes would be my limit before I dropped dead!

Holly said...

yay schwans! i was so surprised at actually how good their products were. glad you enjoyed them :)

if i ever come to charleston, i am forcing you to bring me to the charleston cafe for one of your parfaits. that blueberry one looked too dang good to pass up!

you are as cute as ever, and i am glad i got to catch up on your posts! happy thursday :)

Becky @ Project Domestication said...

Those muffins look and sound so good.

As far as workouts for me this week. Lifting twice and then doing some really fun bike rides outside. Lots of hills. :)

Kelly said...

Funny, I had NO idea Schwan's still existed. My grandmother used to get deliveries from them when we were kids. Their rootbeer float bars were the absolute best.

kate said...

Ive been slacking a bit on the working out this week...but Ill get back into it once my schedule gets more concrete. Woo!

Katie said...

Love the fall pumpkin muffins! Can't wait to start baking with Libby's again.

This week I have 3 days of cardio, 3 days of strength, and a free day!

Anonymous said...

Your muffins look great sweetie! I have been looking at some of Schwann's products....those look pretty good. Thank you for the review! Have a great Friday!

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Wow, Schwan's has really come a long way in what they are offering--love the sounds of it!

Krista said...

I love the idea of pasta and veggie's in one bag. Super convenient!!