Thursday, November 6, 2008

Food List/And then they lost my luggage....

Good Thursday Morning! I am so excited that it is Thursday already I could do a little dance! My Wednesday went pretty well but it was a LONG day. I got up early and was dressed in high heels and a suit by 6:30. Our client meeting went really well but was MUCH shorter than we thought it would be. As a result, I got to the airport in DC four hours before my flight. They wanted to charge me $50 to change my flight so I said forget it and just sucked it up and got a bundle of work done in the airport (I already gave them $15 to transport my duffel bag and now they wanted $50?, anywho). So my plane was on time hooray! I got into Charleston around 9:45 pm (still in my suit and high heels) and was so excited to get home. Unfortunately, they lost my luggage....I think this is more annoying now that they make you pay for your bag- its like you've paid them to lose your luggage. Any who. I made it home safe and thats what matters! I am working from home today awaiting the arrival of my luggage. No exciting food pics from yesterday, but I figured I'd post my food list:

Frozen Peas/Corn
Apples- tons!
Pears- 2 kinds

Packaged/Canned Items
15 oz black beans
15 oz kidney beans
2 V-8 Corn Soup
Refried Beans
Whole Wheat Roll Mix
Fajita kit
Shell Pasta
Pasta Sauce
Bars for Josh’s lunch (Quaker Protein)
Snacks for Josh’s lunch (Whole Grain Pretzels)

Lunchmeat (for Josh’s lunches)

Mozzarella Cheese Shredded
Yogurt (1 large, chobanis for lunch)
1% milk

Diet Soda (for Josh’s lunches)
3 rolls (1 for bean burger, 2 for soup)

For Dinners:
Black Bean+Corn Burgers with Fruit
Steak with Brussels
Corn Soup with Rolls
Stuffed Shells (Josh ate these for lunch and dinner for two days :))
Fajitas with Refried Beans


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Yes, Wednesday WAS long; but jeez, I'm so sorry that you had to go through all that with the luggage and such!! Eek!!


Are you on Facebook, by any chance?? I have quite a bit to tell ya, girl :0)

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

sorry to know about the luggage issue.
Can't wait until your next trip to DC so we can make a bloggers meeting.

Anonymous said...

I don't travel that often, but my mom did and I think over the course of her business career, they lost her luggage like 10 times! But it was always delivered the next day!

Glad you got home safe, that's what matterss!

Unknown said...

oh no for the lost luggage :(

Trying To Heal said...

def yay for it being thursday already!!!

i've lost my luggage several times on international flights...i get peeved at first,but then realize that if it's really lost forever, the things in it can always be replaced...cause i carry all the important stuff w/ me!

Anonymous said...

Well atleast you made it back safe and had time to do some work! That so sucks about losing your bag :( Are they going to reimburst you or do they at least know where it is?

Rose said...

Lost luggage! Ugh!

Maria said...

What a mess with the luggage!!
This is my Friday...I work four ten hour days so I am really excited for the weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the lost luggage - and you totally have a point - how does that work - you pay them money - and they lose your stuff?

Sorry :(

Hope you have a good Thursday!

Tina said...

Arg, so annoying about your luggage!

lauren said...

sorry they lost your luggage - so annoying! love seeing your grocery list!

Anonymous said...

That's a total pain. I'm so sorry!

Esi said...

Sorry about your lost luggage!

Lori said...

Glad you had a safe trip. I've been through the lost luggage a few times and I always say as long as they can track it and know where it is, I'm okay with it. As long as it isn't gone for good I know it will eventually get to me. :)

Anonymous said...

ohmygod that is SO infuriating about lost luggage!!! and the fact they make you PAY for it as well, that is just plain ridiculous. a few years ago i arrived in estonia to do a concert, and they lost my luggage, and i retrieved my concert dress at 2am in the morning of the day of the concert. ARGHHH.

HangryPants said...

That is some serious organization.

Lost luggage is one of my fears. So sorry.

Anonymous said...

This is simply unbelievable! Man, this thing's getting better and better as I learn more about it. To be honest you cannot beat the services or the people that I have dealt with.