Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Short Post

Hope you all had a great day. This post will be super short because I am exhausted! I had a great day off today- hung out with Josh and Frank. Took Body Pump this am. Then, I went to teach Body Step tonight and the microphone would just not work (regardless of the number of battery switches) so I yelled through the whole hour class (my first time teaching my own class at the new gym). Sigh...I am exhausted and my throat is on fire!

For din din tonight we had a delicious stiry fry with TONS of vegis, chickpeas, and a little bit of turkey and stir fry sauce. More to come tomorrow including Clif reviews and I will respond to some of the questions ya'll asked me yesterday! Sorry to be so short!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

I had lots of chickpeas & vegetables today too :-D

Enjoy your evening!! Rest up!!

Krista said...

Tasty looking stir fry! I <3 chickpeas! :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy din din, Lynn! Haha I am totally going to start calling you that, unless you're bothered by it :o)

I hope you feel better and get a good night's sleep! Can't wait to find out your Clif review! I've never heard of those Shot Bloks!

Anonymous said...

Are you feeling better?

Trying To Heal said...

rest up babe! hope you feel better!

but your dish looks delish!

Maggie M. said...

yay for veggie stirfry - that was my dinner too. Yum!

Holly said...

Mmmm...it is not even 8 a.m. and I'm craving dinner after that picture! Yum! I could eat chickpeas by themselves. They are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Mmm ... your stir fry looks delish!

Gadgets and batteries that just don't work = grrr!

Lori said...

I feel for you. The day after a shout class can really be bad. Those darn mics! Hope you feel better!

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

simple, healthy and yummy~~~ perfect dinner plate!

Maria said...

Sounds like you had a long day!! I hope you got some rest and are ready for today!! Stir fry is always one of our favs!

lauren said...

your stir fry looks yummy!

Maris said...

I would never have though of adding chick peas to a stir fry but that sounds so good! I love them but never know what to do with them besides adding to salads and hummus.

Thanks for the great idea!

Anonymous said...

yay for chickpeas! that looks yummmmmmmeeeeeee :)

I posted Lando pics for ya and gave you a shoutout!

GroundedFitness said...

ive never tried chickpeas in stir fry! good idea!

Kelly Turner

Jenn said...

I hate it when the mics go out. I always turn down the music to compensate, but I still end up yelling.

Unknown said...

UGHHH so sorry to hear about the mic! i hate hate hate teaching without one!
the dinner looks wonderful though
have a great day

Anonymous said...

pretty stir-fry!

Anonymous said...

That looks SO good. I love adding chickpeas for protein and healthy fats. I am also thankful I have your blog in my bookmarked section because it looks like I have bundles of recipes to look over tonight--that's my homework!! Who needs spanish, really?!!

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