Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hi All!

First off, I wanted to say thank you for telling me about what you’re making for Thanksgiving! I LOVED reading about it and can’t wait to see your t-giving posts! Anyone’s belly rumbling already?

What is your favorite part of thanksgiving dinner? Mine is stuffing! I rarely have stuffing outside Thanksgiving dinner and really look forward to it! I also love homemade cranberry sauce (my mom does it best and since I won’t be with her this Thanksgiving I am going to totally miss it!).

Confession- so I’ve been really bad about responding to tags and posting awards and I am so sorry!

I got this fab award from Lauren at athlEAT and from Andrea at Bella Eats [and Runs]. Please check out their blogs because they are fabulous! I’m not sure who has and hasn’t received this and hate picking favorites so this ones for all ya’ll:

Next, I wanted to post my food list for the week. Since Josh was way sick at the beginning of this week, we will not make it through all of these meals (some will be pushed to next week):

Stir fry vegis
Carrot Chips (so good with hummus!)

Packaged/Canned Items:
Bakery Pizza Dough
3 fresh rolls
Stir fry sauce
Pizza sauce
Whole Wheat Flour
Chocolate Chips
Kidney Beans
Pinto Beans
Bars for Josh’s lunch - Kashi
Snacks for Josh’s lunch – Cookies, Kashi Crackers, Sunflower chips
Crystal Lite

Ground Turkey
Lunch meat (for Josh’s lunches)

Mozzarella cheese (Brick, shredded)
Yogurt (1 large, multiple smalls for lunch)
1% milk

Dog food

For Dinners:
Mozzarella and tomato sammies
Buffalo Chicken Calzone
Turkey Stir fry
Chicken, Rice, Brussels Bake
Chili with Rolls

Have a nice Wednesday ;)


Unknown said...

hehe, i HATE stuffing! never been a fan :) can't wait for the holidays thought!!!! happy hump day :)

Maggie M. said...

Favorite part = sweet potato dishes. And desserts.

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

I like making stuffing, not eating it ^_^

Anonymous said...

i think stuffing is literally the best thing on earth. and cause i only eat it on thanksgiving, it's that much better. yay stuffing!

GroundedFitness said...

SWEET POTATOES!! and pecan pie. and turkey leftovers at 12:00 midnight with yellow mustard!!

Kelly Turner

LizNoVeggieGirl said...


**Favorite food at Thanksgiving = my homemade cranberry sauce!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I plan on filling my plate with stuffing and green bean casserole - so bad but oh so good :D

Esi said...

I'm weird and not big on anything with traditional Thanksgiving. Luckily, having a foreign fam ensures that there will be a mix of traditional and non traditional foods so I usually go for the non traditional. Best ever was when mom made lobster and shrimp for just the four of us a few years ago. Happy Wednesday!

Jenn said...

I love stuffing, too, especially the kind my mom makes with oysters. Hey, don't knock it 'til you try it! :)

But, my fave part of Turkey Day is leftovers. I love using the turkey in everything from jambalya to sandwiches to soup!

Becca said...

I'm with you on the stuffing! I could eat just that and be happy.

Anonymous said...

STUFFING!! And PIE!! Ok, I love it all.

Congratulations on your award! It's so very well deserved :o) Your blog is SUPERIOR, Miss Scribbler! Ha.