Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stirfry times 2

I love stir fry! I think I could make it every night! I use my electric skillet to make the stir fry but you can use a skillet or wok or whatever you have available to you. Here are two recipes that I love.

Chicken Stir fry
This recipe is based on one of my favorite recipes from the better homes and garden cookbook. Better homes and gardens makes the absolute best cookbooks- I recommend:

1/2 package whole-wheat spaghetti (regular, not thin)
1 bag frozen stir fry vegis (whatever vegis you like)
1 tablespoon margarine
1 package chicken breast (approx 1 and 1/4 lb)
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes (or more if you like it really spicy)
fresh, diced, or powdered garlic (I love jarred diced garlic- you can usually find it in the produce section)
Stir fry sauce (usually in the Asian food section- its really called stir fry sauce :) ) (note: if you are watching your salt intake, purchase a lower sodium sauce)
Olive Oil

  • Boil a large pot of water
  • Dice the chicken into bite sized pieces
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons olive oil, red pepper flakes, and desired quantity or garlic to the electric skillet or stove top pan and cook on medium-low heat for 2 minutes
  • In the meanwhile, add the spaghetti to the pot of boiling water. Cook as directed on the box. In the last 4 minutes of cook time, add the frozen vegetables into the pasta pot. Taste test both the pasta and a piece of the stir fry vegis to make sure everything is done.
  • Drain pasta/vegis and then place them back in the pot- toss with 1 tablespoon margarine
  • Increase electric skillet heat to medium/medium high. Add the chicken to the electric skillet/pan and cook turning the chicken until completely cooked (no pink!!).
  • Add the vegi/pasta combo into the skillet with the chicken. Add desired amount of stir fry sauce, tossing to coat (i recommend adding a little at a time until you have the desired quantity).
  • Top (if desired) with sesame seeds and a little Parmesan cheese.
  • Makes 3-4 servings.
Turkey Stirfry
My husband used to make this in college often because it is a very inexpensive, protein filled meal- so you can thank him for this great recipe!!

1 package ground turkey (1 lb- 1 and 1/4 lb)
1 can stir fry vegis (in Asian food section, usually contains sprouts, water chestnuts, baby corn)
Stir fry sauce
Olive oil
1 package instant brown rice (i use the success instant brown rice in the bags)

  • Cook Rice as directed on the box.
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons olive oil to electric skillet/pan.
  • Heat electric skillet/pan to medium heat (if desired you can also add garlic/red pepper flakes to this recipe).
  • Add ground turkey and cook, breaking up the turkey with a wood spoon and turning until completely cooked (no pink!!).
  • Turn heat to medium low and add drained stir fry vegis. Cook covered (stirring occasionally) 2-3 minutes.
  • Add desired amount of stir fry sauce (i recommend adding a little at a time until you have the desired quantity).
  • Place rice into the bottom of 2 bowls, top with stir fry.
  • Makes 2-3 servings.
I hope you like these- if you have any questions, let me know! I love electric skillets! They are great for stir fry but also for pancakes, eggs, etc! Here are a few I like:

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