Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beach & BBQ

Hello! Long time, no blog. Things have been hectic with work, teaching, life! I wanted to share a few photos and recipe links.

Last Monday was my birthday. We headed up to my parents house and went to the beach and to lunch. It was a fantastic day. Kay was a little nervous about the sand, but was covered in it in no time. A few pictures:




Tonight, I had a friends over. I made a few dishes and everyone brought sides. It was a blast! Vegetarian crock pot baked beans ( I cook these on high for AT LEAST 5 hours):


BBQ crock pot chicken:







After eating without her shirt on, Kaylin decided it was going to be a half nude night. She is such a party these days. She went in for a kiss on her friend Nevin (while the Moms all sung “kiss him, kiss him”):


Me and three of my favorites, Trish, Marissa (due any day now!), and half nude Kay:


Love you ladies!!

Tomorrow is our first official football Sunday of the season. I plan to run the bridge and then park myself in front of the TV. What are yall up to?

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