Sunday, November 14, 2010

E: Hormel Pizza Party

Party time!! The wonderful people at Food Buzz and Hormel sponsored Mandi & I to throw a party using Hormel brand products (disclaimer: we received Hormel products and a stipend for free).

hormelparty 003  

When we got the email about the party, we knew it would have to be a pizza themed party. And what better time to have a pizza themed party than during a University of South Carolina football game!

 hormelparty 004 

We thought up a few fun pizza combos, invited our family & friends, and got to baking & grilling.

hormelparty 008

Check it out:


We only set out one “appetizer” (because we didn’t want our guests to get too full before the delicious main course)-Trader Joe’s sesame covered cashews:

 hormelparty 019 

Main Course:

We made up four different kinds of pizza and a salad to go alongside. The salad was a combination of romaine & spinach topped with a three cheese blend (parmesan, asiago & romano), pecans & dried cranberries:

  hormelparty 010

Dressing choices were fresh lemon, vinegar & olive oil or a special poppy seed dressing that Mandi mixed up (AMAZING):

  hormelparty 012 

hormelparty 014

Pizza #1: Dreaming of Hawaii (we made up two of these bad boys):-traditional pizza crust topped with pizza sauce, Hormel colby cheese, Hormel all natural honey ham & fresh pineapple, grilled:

   hormelparty 021

Me, plating it up: hormelparty 023

Pizza #2This Little Piggy … Trader Joe’s whole wheat crust topped with an olive oil & garlic base, spinach, caramelized onion, Hormel bacon bits and mozzarella cheese, grilled (this was a FAVORITE amongst many of our guests):

hormelparty 028

Pizza #3: Pepperoli (x’s 2)- A traditional pizza crust topped with Hormel cheddar cheese and Hormel turkey pepperoni rolled up like a Stromboli, brushed with olive oil, topped with Italian spices, baked & sliced:

  hormelparty 025 

Pizza #4: Veggie Muenster- Trader Joe’s whole wheat crust topped with an olive oil and garlic base, onions, green peppers, Hormel muenster cheese & black beans, grilled. Pre-grill:

 hormelparty 016

And post:

 hormelparty 027

My plate (I had a second giant plate of salad with Mandi’s fabulous dressing):

hormelparty 031 


For those who had room ;), Mandi and I sliced up fall/winter fruits (apples, pears & grapes) and provided topping options (walnuts, cool whip, chocolate sauce, ice cream, cinnamon, craisins). I also put out a plate of peanut butter flour chocolate chip cookies.

 hormelparty 032

 hormelparty 033

  hormelparty 035

 hormelparty 036

 hormelparty 037

 hormelparty 039

I think a good time was had by all. Me &Mandi:

hormelparty 030

If you want any more details on the recipes- let us know!! A BIG thank you to Hormel and Food Buzz


KatiePerk said...

Pizzas look delicious!

Stephanie @cookinfanatic said...

How fun! Everything looks great :)

Had to tell you that my little sister is visiting USC this weekend and texted me that she was eating at the Mellow Mushroom and it made me think of you since I remember seeing that place on your blog! She is loving it down there, I don't think she wants to come back to VTech haha.

CaSaundraLeigh said...

What a fun idea to promote Hormel! You can never go wrong with pizza :-) Your hair looks adorable curled too btw!

Julie said...

how cute are you two!!! hahaha i love all these little food parties you've been throwing :)

next time i'm invited.

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

What a fun party!!! The pepperoli look AWESOME! hope you two enjoyed yourselves :)

Kelsey Ann said...

HAND OVER THE MIDNIGHT MOO!!! omg im in love with that!! gotta search to see where i can pick it up here otherwise i'll need to get it online. that looks so fun and would be amazing on so many different foods and desserts <3

also loving how delicious the pineapple pizza looks!!! <3

Sarah said...

Love the picture of you plating- you look great!!

Such a great idea to serve sliced fruits with dipping options. I'm also looking for a healthier yet satisfying dessert option to serve on weeknights when we have company. I'm happy with just fruit but Ray has said that's not dessert. Must try some dippers!

Rose said...

For whatever reason, I totally thought that said "hormonal pizza party." - as in... we are really freaking hungry, let's eat pizza!

on a serious note, this looks like such a fun little party. You girls are lovely!

Pound said...

um, yum!!!!!! did you use all trader joe's pizza dough? if not, send me your dough recipe!

i need to get some of the midnight moo sauce... i see it all the time and just have never bought it!

erica said...

What a fun party! The pizza looks amazing. Very cute picture of you and Mandi!


tam said...

Ooooooo yummy looking food, you look real pretty xx xx

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

Omg the party looks do those cookies! And you look SO good in your pics! Both of you :) I hope you had as much fun IRL as these pics look!

Anonymous said...

Loving the pepperoli! :)

Lauren said...

This is fantastic!!! You two are domestic divas and so beautiful.

Pizza Parties are the best. I love making my own and especially entertaining with them.

The Purple Carrot said...

You girls throw a rockin' pizza party ... it all looks delicious!!

And the TJ's cashews look good too, we're getting TWO TJ's in Kansas City soon, and I'm thrilled because I've never even been to one!

Corey @ therunner'scookie said...

I love that idea for a party - instead of thinking of 5 different things to make just making different varieties of pizza and a salad. Fun and simple! You two ladies are so pretty :)

Paige is Running Around Normal said...

Wow you guys really went all out!! It looks great! I'm sure everyone enjoyed it :)
Love your hair like that, too!

BroccoliHut said...

Ooh! I heartily approve of your app choice!

Faith said...

Looks like you ladies threw a lovely party! Love that adorable pic of the two of you! All the pizzas look phenomenal, especially This Little Piggy...mmm, caramelized onion! :)

Heather said...

You both look so beautiful!!
How fun - and those cookies look familiar! :)

Kerstin said...

Aww, what cute pics of you two and a fun party! Wish I had a slice of pizza right now!

Kerstin said...

Aww, what cute pics of you two and a fun party! Wish I had a slice of pizza right now!

Kris | said...

Oh drool! Look at how gorgeous all this food is! What a great job!

I need this salad, like now :)


MizFit said...

honestly? the very fact youd eat hormel makes me love you more :)

Krista said...

Great pizza'a, girls!! You always throw the best parties!!! :)

Natalie said...

so fun! I love hosting parties with friends--i'll be telling you guys about one we had later this week :)

your hair looks awesome in all those pictures too!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

What a fun evening! Full of delicious food :)