Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kaylin’s Birthday Party (With Recipes)

Ok…so better late than never on this one. We had some camera issues and a lot of our pictures came out super dark. I managed to correct a handful of them and wanted to share a few of the pictures from Kaylin’s second birthday.

Before heading into the aquarium, we had a picnic lunch outside. I wanted all of the food to be easy to transfer to the picnic site, so I put together fruit kabobs: 

IMG_4534 Pasta salad:

IMG_4535 Watermelon salsa and tortilla chips (this salsa is AMAZING):


We also picked up two boxes of Jersey Mike’s subs. I loved the way they boxed them up- easy to grab and eat!

IMG_4550 and for dessert I made pineapple cupcakes with blueberry frosting (based on this idea):

IMG_4540 and cookies (un-pictured).

When we had the food all packed up, we got the birthday girl ready to go:


This years party was much more low-key than last years. We had a blast: