Friday, March 18, 2011

E: Blog Meals- Veggie Bake & Crock Pot Black Bean Soup

I feel like I’m always thanking you :) – but thank you for the well wishes on Frank’s recovery. He is getting there, but is still doing a lot of three legged walking.  He is loving the relaxing part:


I’m not sure about you, but I book mark SO many recipes I see on other blogs. This week, I tried out two of those recipes and I wanted to share the results. First up: On Wednesday night, I made Averie’s Cheezy Veggie Bake. Averie is always coming up with awesome ideas for quick, easy & healthy meals. This particular bake looked super tasty. I made it without the potato (I only had sweet on hand and Josh isn’t a fan), added roasted turkey to Josh’s dish, and went without the added water. For my spice mixture, I used Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb Seasoning:


And for my soup, I used Progresso reduced sodium garden vegetable:


Prior to baking:


I cooked the veggies/soup for 40 minutes and then added 2% sharp cheddar cheese on top and completed the bake.


Bowl full with added turkey:


SO good! SO easy! Thanks Averie ;). Both Josh  & I were huge fans.

Second: On Thursday, I made Heather’s Creamy Black Bean soup in the crock pot. I made a half batch and skipped the cashew cream (since I didn’t have any cashews). Instead, I topped Josh’s bowl with jalapenos and cheese and mine with just cheese. I MEANT to top mine with chobani….but some how it mysteriously disappeared into my tummy earlier in the day:


The soup was awesome! It tasted like refried beans in soup form with a good amount of kick! The half batch made enough for Josh & I. On the side I had a baked tortilla and fruit. Josh had a quesadilla & fruit.  I realize I made Mexican on St. Patrick’s day…maybe I’ll make something Irish on Cinco de Mayo ;).

What are you up to this weekend? Our plans are pretty up in the air. I am going to Body Step tomorrow morning and we have dinner plans with friends tomorrow night. Sunday might include baby furniture shopping.

Did you guys see this? Meatballs with a side of plastic?

Last, but not least: Happy Birthday to Lesley!!


Averie said...

Hi Erica!! I am so glad that you and Josh liked the veggie bake...and so glad you adapted it, i.e. skipping the potato/water, using the soup you had on hand. With all of my recipes, that is the be very ad-lib about them and hope that people twist and tweak as necessary. Nothing of mine is so "precise", you know!

And the soup looks wonderful too!

For a pregnant lady, you should be sitting on the couch doing nothing. I hope Josh did the dished :)

Heather said...

Black bean soup is seriously one of my favorites - looks great!
Have a fantastic Friday, hon!!!

Stephanie @cookinfanatic said...

Black bean soup, yummmmm! Looks delicious, love a good bean soup :)

That is so gross about the Lean Cuisine --- yet another reason not to eat those full-of-chemical "meals" ugh. Those things make me cringe!


lee said...

Those both look really good. I have a whole folder on my computer called "blogger recipes to try."

I'm running a half marathon this weekend! And maybe painting the baseboards in our hallway so it can finally be finished.

Bridget said...

Wow, I never would of thought to bake veggies and soup like that! It looks really good though!! Another one I'll have to try. I also love Black bean soup and havent had it in forever!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Frank's got the life huh ;-) I have not made a black bean soup yet. I keep seeing recipes. This one looks fantastic. I just love all the recipe inspiration. Happy Friday!

erica said...

I definitely need to make this veggie bake. It looks beyond ridiculously amazing. I have recently become a fan of black bean soup. Usually i`ll just get it at Panera Bread I don't know why I don`t venture out and make my own.


CaSaundraLeigh said...

I am always bookmarking so many blogger recipes--so many to make, so little time. But looks like you picked two winners--yum!

The Purple Carrot said...

Thank you so much for the birthday wish, Erica, you've made my day even brighter!! :D

Lisa said...

Looks great---the veggie bake has been on my list of things to make for a while!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

They both look great! My chobani always ends up in my tummy before my food gets a chance at it too ;) haha!

the bake is screaming my naaame! glad your little man is doing better! my furball is having a rough time too - i'll keep thinking about both of them! <#

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Unknown said...

mmm i love a spicy and hearty soup, enjoy the weekedn!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try that first recipe. It looks fantastic! This weekend I'm going to my aunt's house for a party and then Saturday and Sunday are up in the air. Enjoy your weekend!

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

looks like you had some successful kitchen action going on! love it. have a GREAT weekend :)

Beth @ DiningAndDishing said...

Enjoy your weekend Erica - hope you guys find some cute baby furniture! :)

I'm off to a wine tasting event tonight. Then I plan on taking it easy! Two nights of wine and I need a rest :).

Renee Paj said...

mmmmm...your soup looks so good, and that is a tribute to you because black bean soup can be a hard one to photograph so it still looks good!

I will tell you one thing, I promise you will never find plastic in my meatballs....haha!

have a beautiful weekend, Erica!

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

These meals BOTH look like just my style!! Yum!

Naomi(Onefitfoodie) said...

averie has some awesome 1 pot meals! that one look particularly good I totally agree! yours looks perfect and I would have topped mine with turkey too! bring on that protein!

mexican on st pattys day LOL...I am so far from either one I dont know which day is which! eat and enjoy, thats what its all about!


Jenna said...

That veggie bake is calling my name!

Somebody at work was talking about the plastic in the meatballs just the other day. Not cool!

Katie said...

Those meals both look so good! Easy, healthy + lots of veggies are the main things I look for when I make bulk meals.

Glad Frank is feeling better... hope he makes a full recovery soon!

Have a great weekend :-)

Biz said...

My birthday is tomorrow, so my daughter and I are going bowling and then coming home for sugar free Boston Cream Pie (yum!) and presents. My husband still isn't up for leaving the house just yet - but he's getting better every day! :D

teresa said...

i'm glad that frank is feeling better, he's such a cute pup!

the bake looks wonderful, enjoy your weekend!

Corey @ the runners cookie said...

So glad Frank is starting to feel better! Oh my, that veggie bake looks awesome!! I need to try that. Simple recipes are a must for me. I am always wanting to try recipes I see on many good ones! Hope you and Josh (and baby) have a wonderful weekend!

Megan D said...

Aw, I'm glad Frank is doing well. How cute is he laying on the couch?! Your veggie bake looks fantastic!

Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather said...

Glad you two liked the soup Erica! Yours looks super tasty, and topped with cheese is perfect :) I need to put it on the meal rotation very soon again.

It's funny that Josh isn't a sweet potato fan because Jacob doesn't like them one bit either. Boys - how could they not love them? It's one of my favorites!

Annie said...

yay for frank!

have a great weekend erica!

Priyanka said...

Glad that Frank is feeling better. That dish looks so so good. I love the addition of soup to the veggie bake.

Have a great weekend Erica!

Lauren said...

This recipe sounds fantastic!!

Julie said...

baby furniture shopping!!! SO fun!!!

hmm this weekend i've got a bunch of school work to catch up on with a side of sleep, tomorrow i'll prob hit the gym early and then i think i might be spending the day in the city and i also need to go to tjs this weekend haha

i've had my eyes on averies veg bake for so long! i might have to take the plunge this weekend haha

Anonymous said...

That recipe is sweeping the blogworld! I'll have to try it sometime :) I am totally in a rut. I will make Robbie a few main dishes to have throughout the wee, then I always just have salads with an english muffin or something because I'm not motivated to cook when I get home :/
This weekend will be restorative. I have some fun home decor projects to tackle :) Have a great weekend sweetie

Kim @ Kim and Mikey said...

The veggie bake looks delish! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend.

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

Frank looks so adorable sleeping.

I'm Irish and I NEVER seem to make Irish food on St. Patrick's Day. I had a bbq chicken salad.

Holly said...

I LOVE all of the recipes that you share....bookmarking the veggie bake right now! I love meals that are based around veggies....great way to get them all in. :-)

I'm glad Frank is feeling a bit better, I hope he continues to heal! That picture of him on the couch melts my heart.

Tonight I'm going out with friends, tomorrow going on a ride with a group, and celebrating family birthdays!

Krista said...

Both recipes look great!! I have to try Averie's bake one of these days for sure.

Frank is too cute spanning on the couch! What a patient....LOL

Laural (bhealthier) said...

oh that veggie bake is a creative idea! i might have to check out averie's blog!

weekend- more house stuff- we actually got a bunch done!