Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Awesome Articles/Product Review

Tuesdays almost done with and there are only 2 work days left this week! I'm thrilled- anyone doing anything cool for the 4th? We are going to visit Josh's family in Nashville which should be a blast!

I was doing my usual blog reading today and came across this really sweet posting on Mark's blog. I think both of these stories are incredible (I am especially fascinated with the story about the swimmer- what a bod!).

Second, I had sort of a disappointing lunch today. I debated whether or not to blog about it because I just hate the idea of giving a company a bad review. However, when I was halfway through my Muir Glen soup, and was disappointed with both the flavor and the nutritional contents, I decided I had to give the review. I purchased their Minestrone organic soup at the market. Not thinking, I didn't turn the can over to look at the nutritional stats. I guess I was thinking, its organic- how bad can it be? Well, before I cooked said soup today, I flipped the can over and saw that it read 40% of your daily sodium requirement in each serving (two per can). I was shocked- 80% of the recommended amout of sodium for a whole day was found in this can. Irritated, but without another lunch option, I cooked it up. The taste...well shockingly- salty! The vegetables were also not very good. Overall I have to give this soup a D rating. Oh well...lesson learned!


Anonymous said...

weird! soup is kind of notortious for being high in sodium, but for me, it never even tastes salty. guess it was kind of worth it then?

ok, i guess not. i was just trying to make myself feel better cause i eat soup so much...

Anonymous said...

thats a great article!

sorry to hear about the disappointing soup :/

Erica said...

Every Gym's: It stinks that soup is high in salt(I also eat quite a bit of soup and wish it was salt free :)). But 40% is super high (which SHOULD make it extra delicious haha)

Love- glad you enjoyed the article! The trials are on tonight and I have been looking for her!