Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hello! Did everyone have an ok Monday? Mine was sort of eh and so was dinner. I made chicken sandwiches flavored just a bit and topped with lower sodium provolone cheese. I bought deli fresh rolls and made organic squash and zucchini (frozen) and cut up some pears. Although the dinner looked promising, the deli rolls were not very good (another reason not to go back to the other food store!!!) and the organic squash and zucchini tasted odd. Oh well! I plan to try a new bread recipe tonight for whole wheat rolls. Hopefully it will go better :) I went to spinning for the first time in a while early yesterday morning (5:15 am!), it was a nice change and a great Monday morning workout (thank you Iris!). Last night I practiced some more hip hop, tonight back to learning the new Turbo Kick.

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