Friday, May 17, 2013

MIA (Instagram Dump)

I apologize for going totally MIA this week! It was one of those weeks where everything was crazy busy (especially work!). Given this, I ran on coffee:


and fresh fruit (strawberries from our garden!):


We got Kay a new picnic table that I’m obsessed with:


Kay got to spend a lot of time with her Uncle Jer!


I taught a bundle of classes and Kay worked on her step form:


Summer un-officially arrived. MMmm melon!


I plan to go to the farmers market tomorrow to get more! Tell me one thing you did this week.  I promise to be back this week with more recipes.

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julie said...

I can't believe you guys can hang in the pool already! Can I PLEASE come stay with you - I'm sitting here in wool socks - hah well that's me being extreme but still it's certainly not pool weather up here yet! I had my first iced coffee of the season yesterday! I had so many things I wanted to do this weekend but go figure I'm freaking sick! I HATTEEEE being sick! Hope you have fun at the farmers market! I need to go food shopping too. Hmm this week I worked a lot and came back from Ireland wah wahh hahah

vanillasugarblog said...

It was a very crazy week for me too!
I only got one post up. So behind in blogging, but hey it happens right?

Kerr said...

I woke up early and went to yoga and barre! I never wake up early so this was huge.

itzyskitchen said...

FEEL BETTER!!! You can come visit any time!

itzyskitchen said...

Totally- just have to do what you can, when you can!

itzyskitchen said...

Thats fantastic!

Lisa said...

Kay is adorable! :-)

natalie@thesweetslife said...

totally with you on the watermelon :)

erica @ fashion meets food said...

I wish strawberries were in season here. Yours look so delish! xx

Nutmeg Nanny said...

Looks like a fun week though :) your little one is such a cutie pie!