Monday, April 22, 2013

Festive Salad Recipe & Dynamo Dog Review

Phew. I told you in my last post that Kaylin had been sick, but that she was getting better. Well, apparently I didn’t knock on wood and she ended up with a fever for the majority of the weekend. Another trip to the Doctors office and…we may be on the mend (knock on wood ;)).

Other than taking care of sicky peanut, I did get to teach my two classes, fit in an easy run, spent lots of time with Josh & Kaylin, and went to a birthday party for my niece and nephew. I brought along this salad:

IMG_3782 Not a real recipe for this. I mixed a giant bag of spinach with a smaller bag of romaine. I then topped the lettuce mixture with two cans of mandarin oranges (no sugar added, drained, rinsed, dried), a large container or strawberries, diced, raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

I brought along these two dressings. The sesame pineapple vinaigrette is amazing (notice the photo bomber).


I think the salad was a hit! What did you do this weekend?

Recently , I was contacted by Cloudstar to see if Frank would be interested in reviewing their Dynamo Dog™ Functional Treats*. Frank LOVES treats, so I knew he’d be in:


According to the company:

“We are a small, family owned company, and for more than a decade have been baking all natural, low allergen treats right here in the USA.  Check us out at”

Adore that they’re made in the USA! They sent us four bags to review:


Dynamo Skin & Coat: “With salmon oil and vitamin E supplement, plus specially selected fruits, vegetables, and herbs you will be giving your dog a healthy and mouth watering treat.”

Dynamo Tummy: “With added probiotics, ginger, and fiber from pumpkin, plus specially selected fruits, vegetables, and herbs to ease digestion, you'll have one happy dog.”


Dynamo Hip & Joint: “With all the running and jumping dogs do in a day, they could use the added glucosamine and chondroitin, plus specially selected fruits, vegetables, and herbs to keep them feeling their best.”

Frank watched as I photographed all of the treats.


He tried the bacon & cheese hip and joint variety first. It was hard for me to take a photograph because someone was ready to sample.




  Frank gobbled these down! He has enjoyed all of the varieties and always looks for more. He shared graciously shared a bag with his friend Tedy, more to come!IMG_3767

If you have a dog, you should give these treats a go!

*disclaimer: treats were received for free


carla birnberg said...

I SO SO SO LOVE FRANK. you need to call my husband as he is antibulldog and I wanna get one. thank you :-)

Stephanie said...

Awww hope baby girl feels better soon!!! And that salad looks so refreshing, I must get my hands on some of that sesame pineapple dressing, sounds beyond fabulous :) This weekend was spent driving out to a lovely winery in the Virginia countryside all saturday afternoon, doing some great workouts, hanging with the fam and Lucy and wrapping things up with a stellar wine dinner with maker of Shane Wines last night. No complaints here! How is it Monday already? ;)

Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl said...

Those dressings sound amazing!! Where did you buy them?

auntie j said...

did you get a new furry friend for Frank!? I'm interested to know about Tedy! Hahah and Kay's photobomb on the salad dressings is awesome. Hope Kay feels better girl! And that salad looks yum - love the fruit & seeds together - such a good idea - it makes me excited for the summer!!!

NewWeighofLife said...

Aww I'm hoping that Kay feels better!

Renee@Mykitchenadventures said...

Aw...poor Kay! It's so hard when they are sick and you can't make them better overnight! Glad she's on the mend though. I'll have to look for those treats. We always ask our dog if she even tasted things when she woofs them down so fast! haha Salad also looks nummy! Wish there was a Harris Teeter here, cuz I'd be all over that second dressing!

kerr said...

I went to rarebit, home team, and laha, baked cookies, and got my nails done. Went on a long (for me) run and went to a barre class!

Faith said...

Awww, I hope Kay is feeling better soon! That salad looks killer - that dressing sounds awesome!!

Caroline @ Broccoli Hut said...

Aww, Frank! Love him!
Thanks for the recommendation on the treats--Margot is pretty picky about her treats (so spoiled), so I bet she'd like these.

Taylor @ Liftingrevolution said...

Sounds good!

Krista said...

Poor Kaylin! Hope she feels 100% soon, Erica! And that salad! Saw it on Instagram and started to drool. Love all the bright colours. Frank is such a cutie pie!! :)

Beth Hills Velatini said...

That salad screams summer! Hope Baby K is feeling better. And just so you know - I worked out today! :D Biz

itzyskitchen said...

Virtual high five ;)

Blond Duck said...

I want to make that salad! I hope she's feeling better!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

that salad looks and sounds amazing! So pretty too