Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend & Pawley’s Porch

Are you having a good weekend? I hope so! Our weekend has been pretty relaxing. Friday, I taught, had a doctors appointment, ran errands, and then enjoyed a dinner in with Josh. I also enjoyed one of my favorite snacks- plain Chobani with maple syrup:


Saturday morning, Kay and I went for a five mile run. She sat in this awkward position the entire run:


After my run, I picked up plants for my garden and got to planting! This year, we have strawberries, jalapenos, cilantro and cherry tomatoes. I hope the garden does well:


The rest of the day was spent running errands with Josh. Our biggest to do was to get home safety items (socket covers, baby gates, etc). As Kay is starting to get more mobile, I want to make sure she is protected.

For dinner, we went to Pawley’s Front Porch to celebrate my Uncle’s birthday.


This was my first time to Pawley’s Porch and I had sort of low expectations. I thought the food would be greasy, but was pleasantly surprised how tasty my meal was!


I had a side Caesar salad with Whole Grain Dijon Honey Mustard dressing. I really enjoyed the dressing:


and I had a bun-less front porch burger. Now, I haven’t had red meat in a LONG time, but I must say this burger was delicious! It was cooked perfectly and wasn’t greasy at all. The toppings were fresh.


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I will definitely be coming back!

Tell me about your weekend!

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