Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Did you have a good weekend? Mine involved coffee with friends (soy café au lait):


Date night with Josh & Kaylin, a big SPRING into fitness event at the gym (I taught Attack) & a party at the house! We had friends over for a “ball” party. I made the main course, three different kinds of meatballs. I made turkey marinara meatballs, beef Asian meatballs & beef bbq meatballs.  The guests all brought ball themed appetizers, salads and side dishes. It was an absolute blast. I was too busy during the party to take pictures, but here are a few pictures of the prep:







Today, my Mom, Kaylin and I walked the bridge and went to lunch. Now, I’m baking and learning Body Pump choreography!


Tell me about your weekend!

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Kerr said...

I love the idea of a ball party! Yesterday turned out to be so nice in the afternoon we took the boat on a little cruise.