Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PA Food

How is your week treating you so far? Mine has been good, but busy playing catch up! I’ve done wayyyy too much laundry & cleaning, taught Body Pump & Attack, and went to Mellow Mushroom for Trivia night (love!). What about you?

While in PA this past weekend, we had some pretty tasty eats. We didn’t hit up anywhere too fancy, but enjoyed our meals. In my opinion, no trip to PA would be complete without a trip to Wawa.


Yes, it’s a gas station, but they have great coffee and various food items.

We also went to Victory. Josh’s favorite beer is their Hop Devil IPA. I was busy taking care of Kaylin and didn’t get any food pictures (I had soup & salad and Josh had a burger), but the food was just OK. Their pretzel appetizer was very yummy though Smile.



Victory Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

Our friends also took us to PJ Whelihan’s, which makes the official wings of the Wing Bowl:


The inside was super open and had TONS of TVs. We walked in just as the Penn State game was starting. Not going to lie….I shed a tear watching the long moment of silence. I won’t go on and on about my thoughts on the situation (I am a PSU alum), but it makes me very sad (both what happened to the victims and what is happening at/to the school).


I did try the wings and they were good! I also had their Greek chicken salad minus the feta.

PJ Whelihan's Pub on Urbanspoon

On Sunday, we spent the day in the city with Josh’s brother. He took us to the Italian market which had an amazing array of meats, seafood, and produce:


We ate brunch at Morning Glory, a tiny diner with fantastic homemade goodies.



I started with coffee with soy milk. I love the containers they serve their coffee in:


We ordered a pumpkin muffin (sampled with their homemade jam):


Raspberry chocolate special waffle and monkey bread French toast:




It was terrible Winking smile:


Morning Glory Diner on Urbanspoon

We walked around more afterwards and stopped at Sarcone’s so that Josh could get a sub for the plane and I could get an amazing barrel pickle:



Sarcone's Deli on Urbanspoon

and went through Redding terminal so that Jer could pick up his weekly produce:



And now its work time! Hope you have a good day.

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