Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kiddo Fun

Its been a weekend full of kiddo fun! On Friday, Kaylin and I met some of her/my friends for a puppet show. The kids had a blast:



Friday night, Josh and I enjoyed a date night. We went out to dinner and then went Christmas shopping for Kay:


Saturday morning, I taught Step and then got to work cooking and cleaning up the house. Saturday night, we had a dinner party at my friend Marissa’s house. I brought roasted vegetables (Brussels, butternut squash and potatoes):


buffalo chicken and unpictured cookies:


My friends Marissa and Trish supplied the other sides and more desserts. The kids had lots of fun playing. Kaylin loves her friend Lila:


Today has been an easy/slow day. We headed off to the Charleston animal society to make our yearly donation of towels/sheets and money:



I wanted to take this doggy home, she was so sweet:




Well, I’m off to wrap presents and then am headed to the gym to teach Pump. What have you been up to?

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