Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crazy Week & Kale Chips

How are you? I’m tired! The peanut came down with croup and sleep has been on the minimal side. Also, Josh is traveling this week, so it just feels like everything has been a little nutso around here. But…on the bright side, there's lots of good stuff going on too! We have our Body Step and Pump launches next weekend, so I’ve been working a lot on choreography. Kaylin declared her love of oatmeal this week and has even been requesting it:



And…I finally made Kale chips. I purchased this bag of organic Tuscan kale from Trader Joe’s:


I used the instructions on the bag (toss kale with olive oil, bake on parchment paper at 250 for 35 minutes). This did NOT work. So, I jacked up the temperature at the end of 35 minutes and cooked until the chips were nice and crispy. I topped them with sea salt and pepper. I thought they were very yummy!


and yesterday, outside work/teaching, I donated blood! It was my New Year’s resolution to give blood every 8,and so far I’m still on track:


Frank also got a bath yesterday. I give him a bath every week to clean out his wrinkles. You can tell he is thrilled:


Off to teach pump and then work. What are you up to today?

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