Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List

How are you? How is your weekend so far? Good stuff over here. We had a relaxing Friday night at home, complete with breakfast for dinner. Today, I taught step, did a few things around the house, practiced choreography (Attack launch this week), and went to a great BBQ at Josh’s parents house. I have been really lazy about taking pictures (whoops).

I adore the idea of a summer bucket list. When I saw Janetha post her list, I knew I had to snag the idea. Here are 20 items on my list:

1. Go on lots of walks with these two (and Frank):


2. Laugh uncontrollably with the peanut:


3. Take Kaylin to two new-to-us parks:


4. Try at least 2 new restaurants, 5. Make at least 5 new recipes and post about them, 6. Grill, grill, grill (parties with friends), 7. Travel to see friends

8. Celebrate Kaylin’s 2nd birthday:


9. Go to the movies, 10. Do 2 date nights with Josh (one in, one out), 11. Go to the farmers market downtown with Josh & Kay

12 Eat ridiculous amounts of watermelon:


13. Dance, 14. Eat dinner outside on our screened in porch at least twice, 15. Eat frozen yogurt and ice cream, 16. Take Kaylin to the beach, 17. RUN

18. Swim Swim Swim:


19. Take Frank to petco to pickup new toys


20. Make and eat lots of guacamole. I made this “skinny” version again for the BBQ today:


What is on YOUR list?

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